I've seen God!

I've seen the Lord, the only true God.  In 1997, he came to me, with all the heavens, I heard them talking.  I've always wanted to serve God, so with what little money I had, I purchased land and began building a Retirement Estate that would make me financially free so I could freely serve him.  For three weeks I worked on a 5 ft deep, 20 ft long ditch for water to drain out, in the proccess I severly hurt my back.  Covered in mud and soaked by the rain, I knew it had to be finished before the rain season came.  When placing my foot on the shovel to dig deeper, I looked up and saw a woman dressed in a white suit looking down at me, she had a strong resemblence of Joyce Meyers, a woman I've seen on TV.  She was swinging her right hand saying, "When God wants you, you better get reaaaaady!!!", I stood up and said, "You're not even Catholic woman.", and she dissapeared.  I began digging again, and 20 minutes later, she returned, saying, "When God wants you, you better get reaaaaaady!!!".  I stopped digging, stood up and again, she dissapeared, I thought to myself, "I don't like this!".  I struggled out of the ditch with my injured back, and started heading to my clubhouse.  My boots felt as if they weighed 10 pounds each, as I was covered in mud.  Suddenly I heard a mightly wind, so loud I thought the whole town was lifted up, I began loosing all my strength, I couldn't walk, or breath.  The clubhouse was in the process of being built, and still had plywood everywhere.  So I grabbed onto one of the plywood to keep me from falling into the mud.  Then I realized that it was God, when he stopped in the air, everything stopped, and looked at me.  God was waiting for me to ask Him, "Am I willing to do His work?", I was more than willing, and then I knew, whatsoever was needed to do His work, He will give to me. 

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